Friday, May 6, 2011

So Frustrating !

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So the grandkids decided they were spending the night last night. At about 7pm the oldest one says. "oh yeah..I don't have an outfit here to wear to school tomorrow" I think "no problem" and head up to the sewing room.

The other day Honey and I were thrift store browsing and I found this adorable men's shirt with sea shells and sand dollars print fabric. It was too small for Honey but I bought it anyway, thinking I'd turn the shirt into a skirt for myself. Instead I used it last night for DGD #1 and her new outfit.

We turned the shirt into a skirt, then took a left over piece of fabric and used that to make a sea shell applique on a white Tee and used another left over piece for a matching headband. She went to school happy as can be today in her brand new outfit....but I forgot to take PICS !! Someone shoot me now please LOL

What I'm Up To :)

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I've been pretty quiet for a few days now so I thought I'd pop in and let you know what all I'm up to right now. I expect things to be a bit slower here on the blog for the next few months. The Honey and I are preparing to make a major move in the next few months and we have a ton of work to do before that happens.

Right now we live in PA but by end of summer we'll be moving south ...way south, to Florida. Honey & I both have family down there and now that all the kids are grown, we're going where we have both wanted to be forever !

In order for us to get there though we have to do some major downsizing here at the house we live in now. We also have to get the house in FL ready to move into...AND we have to get another property we own ready to sell. Can you say BUSY SUMMER ?

I'll still blog regularly, but it will be a bit less than normal :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Clothes for the DGD #1

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So yesterday DGD #1 shows up with this super short, hootchy mama, denim skirt on. Her Pappy and I were not pleased and I informed her that before she went home that skirt would either be in the trash or redone into something I would let her leave the house in Smiley

Sooooooo, we cut the bottom hem off the skirt and I added a 6" ruffle of cute heart fabric that matched the printed hearts on the skirt. Then I took a RTW tee shirt and using the same heart fabric did a reverse applique heart on the shirt. She now has a "new" outfit out of an old skirt that was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAY too short !

She loves the new look and is thrilled that her Pappy approves too !

Friday, April 29, 2011

Oven Mitts :)

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Yep, I'm on an oven mitt kick this weekend :) These things are so quick and fun to make !! I'm going to be swimming in oven mitts soon LOL

Shirt For Hubby

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I just whipped this shirt up today for my hunny :) He loves the Hawaiian style shirts but not the flowers that are normally all over them. We found this jellyfish fabric at Joanns a couple weeks ago and today it was turned into an awesome shirt for summer. McCalls 4079 View C

I'll try to get an action shot of this on Sunday :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oooooh new necklaces !

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I just did these today, I love, love, love how they came out. What do you think ?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OMGOSH ! So Many Pics :)

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I have been sooo busy the last few days but I have a ton of new stuff to show off :)

First of all, that reverse applique tut ? Yeah I tossed it. Why you ask ? Well because I decided I wanted to do it in video instead :) Yep, that's right, you're gonna get a video ! YAY !!

Anyway though, here's what I've been working on the last few days....ton of pics I warn you now !

New slippers...for me !!

The pendants that came out of the kiln the other night .....

Oh yes, there's still more :) Some pinchy oven mitts....
Embroidered unicorn shirt that I just finished and an embroidered peacock shirt

Mamas' got a brand new bag....of course it's a new bag, I think it's a law that I make a new one every couple days :)
A totally gorgeous crocheted wire and bead bracelet for my DIL
some freakin' awesome new fabric I scored yesterday :)

Hot and cold therapy packs !

and last but not least....a daffodil hoopla
See ? Told ya it was a lot of pics. Can you tell I've been busy ? LOL

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