Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Peasy Cinnamon Buns :)

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I love cinnamon buns, I mean really love them. The only problem is...I hate to bake, I mean REALLY hate to bake. Baking in my house is done by the Manly One. He's a chef, he likes it, and it likes him.

He's been really busy lately though so if I want cinnamon buns I have to make them myself. The grandkids motivate me to bake as guilt yanno. I hear things like "How come you never bake Grammy...other Grammy's bake" so I decided to make cinnamon buns. I learned this from my mother...who like me, hated to bake. I don't know how this happened to us, a mutated gene I guess. My Grandmother baked, cooked, put Martha Stewart to shame on a daily basis...'s how to make super simple, no time at all, awesome tasting cinnamon buns !

You'll need the following :
1 loaf frozen white bread dough - it's in the freezer section of your local grocery store.
Baking Dish
Non Stick Spray
Some Flour

Take a loaf of the frozen bread dough and set it out to usually only needs a couple hours to thaw out good so it's not something you need to do a day in advance.

Once the dough is thawed out, sprinkle some flour on your table and plop the bread dough on it.

Roll the dough out, it doesn't have to be super thin

Next you'll take some butter, some cinnamon, and some sugar and sprinkle it all over your rolled out bread dough. Doesn't' have to be pretty. I just slice off small pats of butter and drop them randomly on the dough, then just cover it with the sugar and cinnamon...mmmmmm, cinnamon !

Next roll that dough up in a tube...
Now slice it into small pieces about an inch wide
Place the slices into your baking dish ...remember to spray some non stick stuff in the pan before putting in your dough slices.
Next just sprinkle a bit more sugar and cinnamon on top and add a few more pats of butter...mmmmmm, butter !
Pop that bad boy in the oven now at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes....oh yeah, you can taste 'em all ready can't ya !
Mmmmmmmm, all done. Now if you want, you can add some cinnamon bun icing to the top of them. I don't use an exact's just about 1.5 cups 10x sugar, a couple tablespoons of milk, and about 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla...mix it up in a bowl. If it's too wet...add more sugar, too dry...add more milk :) Then just drizzle it over the warm buns.
There ya have it, easy cinnamon buns. From rolling the dough to putting it in the oven might have taken me 10 minutes. Super simple and seriously yummy ! Enjoy :)


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