Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plastic Bag Holder/Dispenser

Posted by J. Barad Designs at 5:07 AM
If your house is anything like mine there is always an over abundance of plastic bags lying around. You want to save them, you use them, but sometimes it's like they breed in the wee hours of the night and you end up with a million of those little buggers. Well I got sick of looking at a plastic bag full of plastic bags hanging on the laundry room door and finally did something about it !Plastic Bag Holder

I upcycled those jeans of my hubby's yesterday into a cool apron and I had both legs left over and wondered what in the world I could do with them...other than cut them up and using them for appliques or patches. Then it hit me !! A light bulb moment ! I'd make those legs into plastic bag holders/dispensers. It would look a lot better than just having a cluster of bags on the back of the door no matter how badly I failed at this first try project.

It really didn't come out badly at all :) I cut the leg open along the seam and cut off the bottom hem and then evened it all out. Ran all edges thru the serger so nothing frayed later and tossed it on the embroidery machine to embellish it a bit. Once the embroidery was done I made a casing at the top and bottom for elastic, fed the elastic thru, and then stitched the side seam back up. Then I just took a little bit of webbing and made a handle. Voila, cute little plastic bag holder out of the leg of a pair of jeans !


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