Sunday, March 20, 2011

The "ROOM"

Posted by J. Barad Designs at 2:14 PM
Yanno, I'm almost ashamed to post the following photos, the "room" is such a mess today, but then I figured yanno what ? A clean crafting room is a sign of a sick mind....and if it's always clean, it just means you aren't doing enough crafting !!

So, without further is my Craft Room/Studio

1st pic is of part of the closet...the closet is deep so it goes back to the left about 10 feet, there are a total of 35 crates stacked up along that back closet wall all FILLED with supplies, then on the wall across from those shelves are built in shelves that contain supplies too !

Next up is the work table - this is where I do virtually everything but sew and glass work. My kiln is downstairs near the kitchen and so is all my glass supplies.

Next to the work table is the sewing table. It has my machines and my grand daughters machine on it.

Moving right along we next have the cutting, sorting, folding table. This is always cluttered LOL No matter how often I straighten it, it's a mess 10 minutes later.
Then we move to the right again ( I'm getting dizzy from going in a circle ) and we have the embroidery machine.

Next to the emb machine is my pitiful fabric stash shelves :( I feel like a red headed step child when I see some stash photos ! Mine is almost non existent !

And finally, we have a little shelf that holds my emb threads, and containers with elastic, lace, stabilizer, interfacing, buttons, zippers, and all sorts of whatnot !

Oh that box in front of the shelves ? that's scrap fabric, the DGDs play in that and sew to their heart's content !

So there ya have it, the room where all the craft fails happen !! Like that big red sign in the closet just waiting to be sanded down and turned into something else !!


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