Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shirring On My Brother !

Posted by J. Barad Designs at 7:35 AM
Let me tell you, this was not an easy task. Little did I know when I bought my Brother LB6800 that computerized sewing machines don't really like to shirr very much, at least Brother computerized machines don't. So I was really upset the other day when I sat down to make a summer dress and wanted to shirr the top and couldn't do it !!

After much discussion with my machine and some idle threats on my end, we finally came to an agreement and she decided to shirr for me :) She really had no choice, I threatened to replace her with an old vintage machine if she didn't cooperate in a timely manner !

So for all you out there who own a Brother computerized machine and want to know how the heck to shirr on it, I'll tell you what worked for me. Keep in mind each machine is different, and moody, and even bitchy some days....but hopefully this will help at least someone.

First off ignore everything about winding the elastic thread on the bobbin by hand. I found that my machine only shirrs if I machine wind it so the elastic is nice and stretched as it's feeding thru the machine. Machine wind that elastic thread !!

Next, when you drop the bobbin in it's case and start to thread it thru the thread channel, be careful and go slow....make sure you get it in the channel snugly.

Finally, adjust your upper tension to about 6 or 7, change your stitch length to 3.5 or 4 and go to it. Remember to backstitch when you start and end so the threads don't pull out !


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